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It’s all about the code. We believe this at Geektrust. We talk about it often, about how we give feedback on your code or why your code should be your resume or what is good code. But the real beauty is when we get to hear about it from the community! A young, adventurous developer, Malay Mehta, wrote to us about his experience finding his dream job with his coding skill and nothing else. Here is the story of his journey.

A developer's story: Malay Mehta
A developer’s story: Malay Mehta

It’s my great pleasure to write to you words of appreciation for the awesome work you are doing. When I came to Bangalore as a fresher, I saw that so many companies go for rounds of selection, like aptitude, group discussion, written test etc. Of course, I’m not saying it’s not needed but I saw very few companies are interested in checking the code of the candidate. I wondered how the Silicon Valley of India is hiring so traditionally in this digital transformation age.

I’m not very good at aptitude tests. I studied for so many years in Gujarati medium and there might be some difficulties in communicating in English. But when it comes to coding skill I’m quite sure it’s more than sufficient at a fresher’s level. I spent almost 2 months searching for a good opportunity and kept getting rejected for silly reasons. Without even checking my coding ability!

This situation led me to wonder whether there is anybody out there in the industry who believes in coding? By chance I found Krishnan Nair’s post in one of the Bangalore Startup groups on Facebook. I went to the Geektrust website and for real saw some great innovation and people who believe what I believe – CODING. The journey started, I solved some of the challenges, got feedback, went for the ‘Code with Geektrust’ event, and this finally led to a Dream Job.

You know I was also amazed when I got an offer from a well-established startup. The reason was all they had was just my name, email, mobile number and code – exactly what I was looking for! They were not even interested in my university scores, truly believed in the skill I have and completed the interview process fast. Moreover, my happiness was doubled as I was at home with my family when I got the offer. All I can say is that I’m unable to express that moment in words. I truly realized what awesome work Geektrust is doing and making a revolutionary change in the hiring process.

I wish all the very best and huge success to the Geektrust team in the future. Continue doing that great work.

Thank you for this awesome review, Malay! Really happy to hear this. We’d love to hear if there are more stories out there, like The Job Search That Wasn’t All Roses.

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