Hammerhead: Building advanced cycling technology. An Awesome Company for techies.

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We’ve been talking about Awesome Companies in our blogs, social media and some are featured on the website too. At Geektrust, we meet and interact with companies, understand their work, culture and what they’re looking for from techies they hire, before on-boarding them. We’ve met 150+ companies doing outstanding work in technology right here in Bangalore. We’ll be writing more about these companies in our blogs, so that techies can stay aware of the work happening in the startup space and apply to companies they find interesting. In this blog we talk about a startup born from passion and with tech at the core – Hammerhead.

Hammerhead, a Geektrust Awesome Company
A tech startup by cyclists, for cyclists

By cyclists, for cyclists. Hammerhead is a team of dedicated engineers and cyclists, united by a single mission, across more than a dozen time zones and four continents. Hammerhead’s product Karoo is setting out to be the best software tool set for cyclists, delivered on uncompromising hardware.

When you meet the Hammerhead team, you get the impression of a group of folks, passionate about tech, passionate about cycling, coming together to build a truly world-class product. Hammerhead Karoo is the name of their device and the software piece is built from Namma Bengaluru. Karoo enables bicyclists to create routes, navigate them and race in real time.

The problems they are solving are very real-time and physical in nature, like road navigation using sensors and GPS. It is a very engineering and math-driven enterprise. So if you have an engineering bend to problem-solving and feel comfortable reading scientific papers and cranking out a software based on it, they want you!

Take a look at their blog to understand more about how they go about what they do, and apply here if you’re interested in working with them. (Note: You need to clear a Geektrust coding challenge to proceed directly to interview with the core team.)

Roles hiring for:

Android Developer: As most of the work involves mobile phone systems, familiarity with Android/iOS, SDK, Internals and Build Tools are a big part of it. So if you are itching to dive into Android Internals and Phone hardware and wonder how to extract every last bit of juice from that phone battery or or have wondered why that GPS is not showing you where you actually are, Hammerhead is looking for you. Experience: 2-10 years.

Full Stack Developer: Hammerhead Karoo tracks and records all activities that need to be shown through a customer-facing app on the web. Their designers are based in Boulder Colorado, USA, and Cape Town, South Africa. They will produce the wireframes. You will be expected to participate in the design process as the voice of tech feasibility, speed and complexity of implementation etc. The developers has to take the designs, understand the back end that is in place and develop code to make the web app. Desired Expertise: RoR, NodeJS, Javascript frameworks (AngularJS, ReactJS). Experience: 2-8 years.

Location: Bangalore

Apply here if this opportunity excites you! Or sign up on Geektrust to stay aware of interesting opportunities all the time, even when you’re not looking out.


  1. What are challenges that hammerhead faces in this industry?

    What are not so great things about hammerhead?
    What specific aspect of culture have you noticed when you met the team? Do they sit on an open floor, does CEO hace a cabin, is it a serious environment? are developers staring at computers ?

    Would love to see these insights than a promotional job post. All the best guys.

    1. It will be also awesome if you can capture a short video of CTO or tech lead talking about culture and what would a day at hammerhead look like

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