How Geektrust helped Ultrahuman make hires ultrafast!

If you have tried to recruit technologists, you already know finding and hiring the right talent has its fair share of challenges. Challenges that include high demand for specialized talent, rapid technological advancements, and evolving job roles in the dynamic tech industry. And that’s just the beginning!

Once you’ve navigated those challenges, the real work begins. Identifying candidates with the right skills, assessing technical expertise through multiple rounds of interviews and evaluations, and ensuring a cultural fit while staying competitive in a global talent market. 

But at Geektrust, we’re no strangers to tech recruitment challenges. So, when Vatsal Singhal, Co-founder, Ultrahuman, came to us with ‘need for speed’ developer hiring, we decided to put on our fastest superhero capes. With Geektrust Platinum, within a span of a month, Ultrahuman filled in all positions which they came to us for. How did we do it? Let’s find out!


Ultrahuman is determined to change the game in metabolic health and fitness. Their vision revolves around creating the most powerful metabolic health and fitness ecosystem worldwide. Their mission is multifaceted – from building the world’s largest community of biohackers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts to developing groundbreaking wearable technology for monitoring and optimizing metabolic health.

Ultrahuman, ranked amongst the top 25 startups for 2022, is an integrated and community driven platform for overall wellness. They aim to help people achieve their true potential. Their vision is to enable people to transform themselves by giving them access to content and programs that work on aspects of the mind and sleep.

A billion people suffer from metabolic disorders globally, and Ultrahuman is on a mission to control/reverse this via biosensors and real-time insights. Their platform combines cutting edge science and art, which is driven by the knowledge and experience of the world’s top musicians, neuroscientists and psychologists.  

Founded in 2022, from humble roots in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Ultrahuman has become a global name with a sizable footprint in the health and fitness industry.

The Call for help

Before switching to Geektrust Platinum, Ultrahuman’s core team managed end-to-end hiring without the support of a dedicated recruitment team. Their hiring game mostly swung around referrals. While referrals were helpful, they needed a more robust hiring approach to add Ultradevelopers to their Ultrahuman league. And they needed it fast.

So, in the last week of November, 2022, Vatsal Singhal reached out to Geektrust to fill senior tech positions and a solution that could accelerate the hiring process significantly.

Enter Geektrust Platinum: Code vetted interviewed candidates that match your job description who can join within 21 days.

Ultrahuman entrusted Geektrust with the responsibility of filling their senior positions: Android developer, QA expert, and React developer. The focus was not only on technical expertise but also on finding candidates who aligned with the company’s culture and could contribute to its growth and innovation.

Things apart from skillset they were looking for in a candidate:

  1. Experience in the health and fitness industry
  2. Personal projects built from scratch
  3. Health and fitness enthusiast
  4. Hardware exposure

Geektrust Platinum to the rescue

The Geektrust team immediately swung into action. We set out to curate a customized hiring strategy that would bring in fully vetted developers for Ultrahuman’s senior positions.

Step 1: Sourcing and screening:

Geektrust’s network of tech talent is like no other. We swiftly began sourcing, reviewing and screening candidates handpicking the ones that fit into the criteria from our pool of over 150,000 registered developers. The goal was to identify the perfect matches for Ultrahuman’s senior roles.

Step 2: Code vetting:

Next comes the process of code-vetting the handpicked ones. The candidates who didn’t have code yet, were asked to write code to proceed further. A good code score on any of the front-end, backend or mobile Geektrust coding challenges was required for a candidate to move to interviews. 

Step 3: Geektrust interviews:

The code vetted candidates were now all set to be interviewing with the Geektrust community of interviewers. The interviewers were told about the expertise required by Ultrahuman and hence the questions both practical and theoretical were asked around it. 

The candidates who completed the process were now Geektrust Platinum candidates: every tech recruiters dream.

The backend work

A Geektrust microsite in place, that covered information about the company, the work, what’s interesting, the culture, interview rounds and more of what developers would like to know outside of the standard JD. This provided Ultrahuman with the opportunity to maintain visibility among developers and connect with the most suitable candidates.

They were assigned a dedicated Account Manager (AM) to spot high-intent candidates, ensure transparency and offer solutions and guidance.

Positive experience for the candidates: Geektrust not only assisted Ultrahuman in quickly filling the vacant positions but also ensured a positive experience for the candidates. Transparency about the requirements, hiring process, and final decisions left a lasting impression on potential hires.


Overall we had an interview to offer ratio that was close to 50%! In addition, every candidate was onboarded in less than 30 days. The team could ramp up fast without spending a lot of time shortlisting or interviewing candidates.

About Geektrust Platinum

We’ve been in tech recruitment for over 8 years and consistently these are the challenges we hear from companies looking to hire:

  • The candidate’s resume and their actual skills don’t match!
  • Tech teams just don’t have bandwidth to constantly interview candidates. 
  • Candidate’s take 2 to 3 months to join and there are last minute dropoffs.

Geektrust Platinum solves for all of this.

Platinum candidates:

  • Are matched against the company JD
  • Have cleared Geektrust technical interview (code pairing)
  • Are available to join in less than 30 days

If you’re interested in hiring Platinum candidates, do write in to us –

We had a call with the Geektrust team about the open positions in the last week of November, and soon we started getting relevant vetted profiles. We rolled out the first offer within 7 days. We only interviewed 1 candidate for the role and it was a perfect match. The profiles shared by the team perfectly matched the attributes we were looking to hire. – Vatsal Singhal, Co-founder, Ultrahuman

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