How contract-to-hire helps companies hire tech talent based on skill

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Recruitment practices traditionally operate under the assumption that many candidates are competing for the same job, with limited alternative options available. Screening guidelines focus mostly on educational background, work experience, and the perceived reputation of past companies. With most large companies, the recruitment process remains the same across tech and non-tech roles.

The hiring landscape has undergone a big shift in the last three years, empowering technologists with more choices and opportunities. They hold multiple offers, with companies of all sizes now competing with each other to attract top talent by offering enticing benefits.

Hiring norms that reject candidates based on predefined rules without considering their skills and potential are no longer effective. India continues to produce millions of technologists annually – there is plenty of talent. The issue is the limited scope of the search, focusing only on the obvious. This creates a false sense of scarcity, drives up base pay, and leads to unrealistic salary scales.

Traditional hiring processes need an overhaul. It needs a change in mindset, abandoning algorithm screening systems based on keyword searches, etc. It takes time 🙂 A viable middle ground until that happens is smarter utilization of contract-to-hire/contingent staffing. Contract staffing can go beyond short-term fixes and become a valuable long-term hiring strategy. By shifting the perspective and integrating contract staffing into workforce planning, organizations can take calculated risks while maintaining quality.

For the past 8 years, our focus as a tech recruitment partner has been helping companies hire developers based on their potential and skills rather than relying solely on the “pedigree” found on resumes.

For the last 3 years, we have actively worked in the Contract to Hire space, relying on code assessment instead of what is on the resume. Our goal has been to evaluate candidates based on their potential, instead of a binary approach of rejection or selection. We have discovered exceptionally talented developers in unexpected places. These individuals may not have been considered through traditional hiring methods since they might have lacked a strong brand association or because they were not able to effectively articulate their work on paper.

Through our interviews that focus on evaluating candidates’ skills, abilities, and future potential, we have found exceptional developers who have not only joined organizations with high engineering standards but have also thrived in intense environments. These individuals have demonstrated their capability to excel and adapt to the demanding requirements of their roles, showcasing their skills and untapped potential beyond what traditional hiring methods would have revealed.

All in all, our clients (some of the most premium names in the tech space) have been able to hire high-quality tech talent, at the pace they desired, and at the scale they wanted to achieve using contracting. At Geektrust, unlike other contracting companies, we encourage our clients to hire the contractors as full-time employees which results in a win-win outcome for both the candidate and the company. If you’d like to know more, do write in to us at

If you want to read more, here’s a short write-up on how we helped the world’s best software consultancy meet their hiring needs via contract-to-hire.

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