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Companies want to see your code before even calling you for an interview. Today it’s more so than 2 years ago, with greater demand for hands-on developers. Product companies and startups are willing to meet even senior candidates only if they are serious about solving problems through code.

Code with Geektrust
We did an event ‘Code With Geektrust’ where devs signed up to spend half a day writing code and interacting with our senior tech team

Coding isn’t competitive

When we started Geektrust, we wanted to develop a system that makes it easier for developers to find interesting companies and connect with them.

Today a developer applying for a particular role has to write a code test or win a hackathon. A basic code test or hackathon doesn’t give the developer the opportunity to show their coding chops.

So we set out to develop elaborate coding challenges that test all aspects of a developer’s programming skills. We review their code to give them detailed feedback. And often we get the feedback that this is the kind of review they can learn from, that stays with them for life. There is no time limit, maximum number of trials, competition or leader boards. Just the developers and their code. One challenge that tests skill at multiple levels. One code that gives us insight into the developers’ skill and approach. Your code becomes your resume.

‘One Code To Rule Them All’ means simply this:

  • Solve one coding challenge that is accepted by all companies on the platform
  • This would help you stay focused on improving your skill rather than spending time chasing after companies

There are 7 back end, front end and architectural coding challenges, 25K+ downloads, hundreds of people who have submitted code and got our feedback. Our senior dev team runs a Slack channel to take questions and help with solving the challenges. The problems are quite complex and the successful solve rate is <2% of downloads. We hope to take this up by helping and encouraging more developers to solve a challenge.

Like one of our users said, “..all one got to do is write code, the rest is taken care by the Geektrust team”. Yes, write code once. And see what happens.

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