How is your company different from others? I’ve been asked this daily for the last 9 months.

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At-least it feels like I’ve been asked this daily. As a founder, it’s a bit like being asked how is your child different from someone else’s. I don’t enjoy explaining this but I’m running a business and guess I should 🙂 First off, GeekTrust is not a recruitment company. We’re a connection platform. We connect good developers with interesting jobs.


We’re not here to help companies find developers fast. We’re not here to help developers get huge salary hikes. We’re here because we believe Indian IT talent can do a lot more to produce great s/w products, platforms and innovative solutions. We’re here to help with that. We find companies that are doing interesting work and connect them with good developers. Those who can take these companies to the next level. We personally go meet all the companies who want to work with us and if we are excited by the company, we on-board them to GeekTrust. Similarly we ask developers to solve one of our coding problems to connect with these opportunities. So if you’re a developer and good work is important to you, you should use geektrust (salaries are only a matter of hygiene as I had mentioned in my earlier post).

We find companies that are doing interesting work and connect them with good developers.

A lot of folks feel intimidated entering the job market. We want these people to have an engaging, hassle free experience at GeekTrust. All of us have felt the job market to be a big hassle. Updating resumes, not knowing which company is worth my while, the usual set of big companies approaching you, not being sure of how to approach a company, and to top it all – having to let the word out that you’re looking out for a job. GeekTrust addresses all of the above. Write code once. Explore curated jobs. In anonymity. Simple.

Write code once. Explore curated jobs. In anonymity. Simple.

We’re self funded, revenue generating and in very early stage beta. We’re not aiming to disrupt anything, nor are we building the next-gen recruitment tool and a unicorn badge holds no interest for us. We’re just trying to fix something that’s broken for a long, long time – developer hiring, and build a profitable business while at it. We want to do this not based on what other companies or competitors are doing. Instead we want to create something that’s simple & beautiful that makes it easy for you to find the right company.

We are a bunch of creative minds with varied experiences in life, and in IT. Dhanush takes care of tech, Sneha takes care of marketing & operations, and Krishnan looks after sales & product. Krishnan & Sneha were colleagues at ThoughtWorks (read here why I left ThoughtWorks). Dhanush and Krishnan were colleagues and room mates back in 2003 at their first job. We love being creative with what we do and you can see that in the problems that we create monthly for developers to solve. Our coding problems are set in the fictitious land of Lengaburu (heh heh), and we have protagonists who need your help to solve their problems. We also recently launched a tool to help developers find your market worth. Check it out here —> Know your market worth

A lot of TLC goes into making this a platform that technologists would have a great experience with, and the results are starting to show. That’s about us. Reach us at if you’d like to know more.


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