Should you change your job for a higher salary?

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Amongst a wide set of reasons to change your job “I want more money” is the most lame. At GeekTrust, we look to connect developers with interesting work. Getting a good salary is a matter of hygiene.

If you are a good developer, you will get a good salary. We can guarantee that.1When the whole recruitment market is based on finding you higher salaries and finding you jobs fast, we’ve taken a completely different route. We connect good developers (good = those who clear our code evaluation) with companies we feel are doing interesting work. And we’ve taken this route because this is what we would have liked. We are technologists ourselves and we would’ve been interested in connecting with companies doing good work. The companies that are willing to give you the biggest salaries will usually have big marketing budgets and you’ve probably heard of them. The one’s we work with – not so easy to find 🙂

Now what does good or interesting work mean? There’s no right answer, it varies from person to person and is difficult to judge. So here are the 8 parameters we use to define interesting, and if a company checks most of these boxes, we on-board them. Our parameters are:

  1. Type of work (How different is the work? We have a client that works in the B2B IoT space and is looking to figure out how to judge freshness of fruits & flowers! Another one in the energy sector that is doing ground breaking work in analytics.)
  2. Impact (We have clients that are trying to make an impact on the lives of millions. They have fantastic challenges of scale to solve, and many of them are in early stages of their tech journey)
  3. People (Do companies have enough people you could learn from? Does it feel like a transparent organization? One of our clients has an open salary policy!)
  4. Tech (What is the tech stack at use? We have clients that work with Java, C#, Ruby, NodeJS, Javascript, iOS, Android, Clojure, Big-data to name a few)
  5. Location (Currently most of the companies we work with are in Bangalore. We also have clients in US, Europe & NZ that allow you to explore different cultures in these places while doing great work. We’re exploring options in Mumbai & Goa too!)
  6. No. of employees (From 2 person startups to 300 member companies. This is the range we tend to work with and we suspect smaller the size of the company or the team looking to hire, the more interesting the work’s likely to be.)
  7. Salary (As I said earlier, this is a matter of hygiene. All companies we work with will easily match market compensation & more. Checkout this tool we built to know your market worth.)
  8. Stability (We also watch out for risk a developer takes on when joining a company. If we, using our own judgement, feel the risk is too high we advise the company that they should probably use their own network to make hires at this point.)
So, if you’re looking to change jobs and salary is the main thing you have considered, do rethink and look at it from the perspective of what experience you’re looking to get from your job change. And you can use the 8 parameters above to help define the experience you want.
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