Why I really left my job (at ThoughtWorks) and started my own company

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 When I was 8 years old, I took part in a Kabaddi match in school. I was a small child and probably a liability to my team. Towards the end of the game, I was the last kid standing on my team and had to go to the opponent’s half. They quickly got me down and I was on the floor, trying to crawl toward the centre line with four or five other kids on top of me. But somehow with the last ounce of strength left in me, and pure will power, I moved forward & pulled their entire team with me and my finger crossed the line. Our team won.

My belief is that everyone needs these moments when you are challenged. They help you understand yourself better. When you are stretched & tested, it takes your very best effort (and sometimes a bit of magic) to move forward. These moments tell you what you are made up of and what you’re capable of. I felt that I was not getting these moments anymore in my career. And so I left. To start my own firm – on my own terms (more on this in a later post). I have a start-up – geektrust.in and I hope that my creativity, intelligence, resourcefulness & perseverance are stretched to its maximum in my new journey.

Geektrust is, and will continue to test me. I’m sure of that. In a way, that’s what I’d like you to get out of Geektrust as well. I want to put you in touch with interesting opportunities that challenge you and help you understand your full potential.

Imagine 100 developers being able to fulfill their true potential, building & influencing kickass products. Imagine these developers, who are cocooned in India’s large services companies, currently building services & platforms for customers they’ll never see, coming forward to build products that shape India’s software industry.


I will probably never get to work in the different countries I worked in while at Collage_FotorRThoughtWorks. Nor may I visit these wonderful places again. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I’ve received. But for now, new challenges await.

Up, up and away.

contact me at krishnan@geektrust.in for career input, advice or to just discuss the weather.


  1. Bravo. Chase your ambitions and help people do the same. Not a lot of people have the courage to put their money where their mouths are.

  2. Change is good .One should have real courage to make up his mind to go for a change.All the best

    1. True that Niranjan. Though it’s a thin line between being courageous & being foolish. If we don’t care about which side we fall, then all is well 🙂

  3. 🙂 There are a LOT of companies in the recruitment arena. To say it’s a crowded space would be an understatement. Similarities are bound to be there. To be honest, I don’t think TopTal and we have a lot in common.

  4. Your choices have always made me wonder “Why this?” and made me happy “You did it right” ever since we have met 18 years back. Wishing you many more “stretched and tested” wow moments with Geektrust. You are the best my dear friend !

  5. If you do manage to get a 100 developers to fulfill their true potential and shape India’s software industry, they’ll make a movie based on you: “Krishnan’s List.”

    I do hope you succeed. It’s a worthy goal, with the added bonus of a multi-award winning film 50 years down the line. 🙂

    The very best of luck!

  6. hi da ,

    Your first step towards your dream is the step which needs immense courage and self belief and you have taken it.

    Now no looking back be patient , confident and most importantly keep perseverance . All the best and god bless your “GEEKNESS”.

    I am not applying being not a geek 🙂

  7. Just see your post from LinkedIn. Though I haven’t connected with you so far , this made me to add one more person to the list of “People I Must meet” . Its really inspirational for me as well.
    All the very best Kich

  8. Hey Krishnan, I’m really glad that you came up and shared the story. I believe hundreds of entrepreneurs are in India hiding their struggle stories which can actually help them and newbies. Big thank 🙂

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