Introducing Geektrust coding help documents and other new features

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Over the last 4+ years, we’ve reviewed 1 million lines of code, given feedback to thousands of developers, and helped hundreds of them find jobs. We’re now introducing some new features.

What’s new:

Coding Help Docs. We have 2 years worth of Slack discussions with our developer community that we’ve converted into an extensive help documentation. We’ve added code snippets that indicate how to write good code. We’ve also split it by badge so that you know very clearly what our expectation is for each badge. This is based on feedback that our expectation from your code was not clear. Hopefully, this fixes it. You can check it out here ->

Automated test cases. Earlier, it took us a few days to get back to you when you submit your solution. And in many cases there would be something wrong with the input-output and we’d ask you to fix that. All this ends up in an inordinate delay in your evaluation. Well, no more! You get instant feedback on your code when you upload it now. You upload your entire project, we build it and test it against our test cases and show you the result immediately. So you can focus on writing good code, and not worry if the output is correct.

Chat. If you notice, in the image above, we have a chat integration where you can search in chat for the help docs you need.

Automation for code quality. This is a big deal. We’ve been working on an automated tool that tests for clean code. AFAIK, there’s no such product in the world. It’s an ML tool that predicts for code quality just like any of the developers at Geektrust would. We’ve been using it internally at Geektrust, and we have a 95% accuracy. Over time, AI will take over and Codu will be evaluating your code. You can read more about Codu here.

As a result of putting the automated input-output check, the detailed coding help docs, improved chat support and Codu in place, we are moving away from manual code evaluation step-by-step. The first step is that we won’t be giving detailed feedback on your code. Instead the coding help docs will help you understand what is missing in your code, and how you can improve. We’re watching out for issues that developers may face, and getting in touch to see how we can improve the process. So let us know if you face any issues or what you would like improved, and we’ll be working on it as we go.

To sum in up, lots of interesting stuff happening here at Geektrust, and we hope the day wont be far when you get instant feedback on your code.

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