Want to build the world’s best cycling computer?

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Who doesn’t want to work on a world-class product that is making waves even before its Beta release?

We’re talking about the Karoo from Hammerhead, a cycling technology product designed for cyclists by cyclists. With the ambitious vision of building the best cycling computer in the world, taking competition head on and outdoing them by a mile, Hammerhead has a tough and exciting challenge on their hands.

The product was launched to much anticipation in January 2018 and the team is now taking greater strides into offering an unparalleled experience for cyclists.

360-degree Product Development

Here is a screenshot from their website, about what the product does. One look at this and you can imagine how much tech/development work goes into it. And if you can relate with it and this gets you excited, Hammerhead has an opening for you.

Screenshot of Hammerhead product
Hammerhead – Building world-class cycling technology

Product development at HH is more 360-degree than most companies you’ll get to work at. First, there is the software part of it, to solve problems related to navigation, fitness, training, data, visualization, analysis and so on. Second, the hardware is designed and outsourced for manufacture, by the tech team, so they have to study the software-hardware compatibility and crack the whole product package themselves! And once the product is out in the market they get feedback and inputs from cyclists all over the world. So here is a complete product development opportunity for those who are hungry to do more than write pieces of code.

Tech stack that allows you to explore and learn

The tech stack they work on is quite impressive. “If you’re an Android developer you don’t just come here and work on Android. Here is the opportunity to explore, learn and work on a lot more and all of us love taking that plunge into new technologies and problems”, says every developer on team Karoo.

Complete tech stack is available here: https://stackshare.io/hammerhead/hammerhead

High-energy team in an office without cubicles

Most of Hammerhead’s tech team sits in their Bangalore office, in a quiet residential pocket of Indiranagar. When you walk in, you’ve definitely come to a place where things are HAPPENING and it’s something very interesting to do with bicycles. Cannes, D&AD and CLIO awards adorn their walls along with newspaper and magazine cut-outs of news of the arrival of Karoo. (These are awards design and advertising firms are dying to win, and here is this product startup raking in many many of them.)

When you divert your attention from these achievements, the high energy buzz greets you; a vibrant environment, filled with animated chatter and laughter of an energetic team. Eager to solve the challenges that lay ahead of them.

While we could go on bragging about why this company is awesome, we’ll cut it down to a few bullet points that struck us as particularly worth mentioning.

  • The team is really passionate. They work at a different level of interactive team play and there’s great team dynamics.
  • The best things they’ve done in 2 years started as a side project and blew up into a big product feature along the way.
  • The width and depth of experience you get are greater than usual companies.
  • You proactively expand your skill set by developing varied interests and contributing ideas based on your learning.
  • Excellence is the mantra, not just finishing the job.
  • With a great product like Karoo, you’d wonder what’s left to do. But only 20% of the work is done even on this 1 product, and there’s a lot more to go, which is why they are still building a great tech team.
  • It’s a happy workplace and extremely open collaborative environment, so work never gets monotonous here.

“A good developer spends more time thinking than coding. We are looking for such thinkers.”

Hammerhead is on the hunt for senior techies who will add value with their experience, bringing in different tech and cultural values into the company.

If you liked what you heard about Hammerhead, see more details of their openings and apply here.

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