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The future of Indian tech lies hidden today. It will rise one day and we will build some of the best products in the world. These companies are largely unknown and built silently. Here, in our Developer Stories, we talk to some of the heroes who are working at startups, working with interesting technology.

So we went to interview Preeti Sharma, a developer who works at CoffeeBeans, a product & consulting startup on Geektrust. A young developer who loves her work and is discovering the beauty of coding. Over to Preeti!

A Developer's Story - Preeti Sharma
Preeti Sharma: Developer, Artist, Learner, #NeverBored #NeverGiveUp


About coding

I didn’t start out with an immersive interest in programming but when I really got into it, it hooked me more and more, and I was fascinated by it.

Programming is about the logic and structure you come up with as a problem solver and how you can make your code simple and flexible to use in many places. There is so much you learn in theory and then in practice you figure out how you can craft code with simplicity.

Technologies I love

I love JavaScript frameworks – specifically NodeJS. It gives a lot of new features that are open ended and you can play with it to implement the best solution. I like Python too now – we’re working on an AI & Machine Learning based recruitment product where we match candidates using their social profile. It’s a tricky project that’s evolving as we build it and for me it’s an ongoing process of quick learning and application.

About working at a startup

My first job was at ThoughtWorks and a lot of people around me were moving to startups or starting up, most of them way senior to me. So I thought possibly I couldn’t make that kind of a move yet. However, I decided to give it a try and got into CoffeeBeans. I got a different kind of challenges to solve and learned a lot in a short while. And best of all, I get to define processes for the project. In an established company, you could be working on 1 language for years but at startups the switch could happen every month.  

About the Indian tech industry

Tech everywhere is undergoing a dramatic change. Now there is more flexibility and it’s about how you can use various tools to maintain simplicity. Earlier, you learned computer science meant you got a job, but now it’s tougher.

About my experience with Geektrust

The first time I wrote code, I got a score of 2. I got some helpful mentoring from the reviewers and I solved and submitted again. The structure of the challenges is also great – I feel like it’s a real world problem when I sit down to solve. It’s complex, awesome – I applied random shuffling and probability and data structures to solve the problem and worked on code maintainability and other important aspects. Today my code is more flexible.

It’s not like other platforms – though the journey wasn’t easy, I found good companies. And I believe good things don’t come easy.

My takeaways

Never give up – you never know what the future will bring. If you stay put, you’ll always be given something better.

In my journey I learned that even if I felt everybody was ahead of me in many ways, by facing challenges and mentoring myself, I got to where I want.

Preeti has varied interests including dancing (meaning jumping around for joy). And here’s a picture of her contribution to the office smoking area.

Preeti's contribution to the office smoking area
Preeti’s contribution to the office smoking area

About Geektrust

Geektrust is a platform for technologists to connect with interesting opportunities. We meet inspiring people and companies every day, and we see some great code written by our users. So we started the Dev Stories blog post series to bring stories of different developers to the world. Our hunt to find more such inspiring and interesting stories carries on. Stay tuned for more!

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