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For over 150 startups and product companies that are hiring through Geektrust, hiring senior developers is pretty easy. Or at least easier than most traditional hiring methods. They get great developers and don’t waste time doing rounds of screening and interviews with them.

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Code speaks louder and clearer than resume

Besides the ease, why do they hire Geektrust Members? We asked ourselves and the companies, and here’s what we found.

Companies prefer hands-on developers

Most companies doing non-traditional work today, look for a different skill set compared to the old-school service companies. One of the statements we often come across is, “We’d like them to know their code and be open to exploring new things,  apply a hands-on approach; we don’t care where they studied or worked”. So we make sure the devs we find are talented and passionate through our code evaluation.

Insight through code

We believe a piece of code written for a complex problem reveals more about a developer than a resume does. You get to know about their approach to problem solving, how creative, thorough, organized, detail-oriented, and well-versed with the basics they are. And now, 3 years later, companies have started seeing the results too.

Mutual Appreciation

Since we meet and evaluate companies to gauge them for being stable, interesting and innovative, the companies on Geektrust are different from the run-of-the mill “thousands of jobs”. And companies also get to meet talented developers. Both parties understand the value of this, and have an appreciation for each other long before they meet.

Zero-waste hiring

Companies see the clear difference in level and quality of a Geektrust member and can save 90% of the time and effort wasted in pre-decision processes involved in hiring. The hirers and developers spend only the necessary amount of time and energy, eliminating wasteful hiring practices that often get frustrating.

We’re always trying to make things better for companies and developers. If you have any ideas or feedback or questions, write to us at hello@geektrust.in and we’d love to chat with you.

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