Ctrl-F: How Good Developers Find Awesome Jobs

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How good developers find awesome jobs

All the numerous “hiring developers” and “coders wanted” ads may have you feeling lost and confused. That’s understandable. But wouldn’t it be much easier if you could just skip this whole job search process and have companies curated to your interest, approach you for your talent?

Guess what? It can be that easy.

Whether it’s a job in food tech, publishing, retail or internet of things, you were seeking, it can now find you.

“We are always on the lookout for problem solvers, developers who can think out of the box and add value to our business”, says Vatsal Singhal, AVP at Zomato

At Geektrust too, we’re filtering through various companies to just a handful that are devoted to doing things differently. And we’re always scouting for special talent. (read. superstars of the coding world)

And that’s how it all begins – with one great code.

If you’re a skilled developer who loves to code, we have a challenge that will stir your imagination. CTRL F gives you the distinct opportunity to demonstrate your talent by writing  one great code. And what do you get in return?

The chance to work with some reputed companies that have a unique and diverse culture.  

So, what exactly is CTRL F?

First of all, like any other interview, you’ll need to earn your way through, by solving any one of our challenges.

Essentially, Ctrl F is a 10-day hunt for rockstar developers. Write one amazing code and unlock multiple backend developer openings in 10 companies. You can submit your code anytime during the course of these 10 days.

This is unlike your standard interviews. Here you are presented with the prospect of working for any of these 10 esteemed companies that are personally screened by our team. As opposed to submitting your educational qualifications and sitting through repetitive rounds of interviews with various companies, now your code can do the talking. As it turns out, in this case, your code speaks louder than your resume!

One Code To Rule Them All

If you’re wondering right about now, how you can participate, all you need to do is sign up, update your profile and explore your options to see what works for you. We have created unique coding problems that can be solved by writing one extraordinary code. That’s all the skill you need to qualify for various jobs. If your code lives up to our expectations, you get to meet the guys on top aka the decision makers of these companies and get an offer within a week.

All these companies have a reputation for doing what they do best. Our curated picks can be trusted. With names like Zomato, INBE, Hammerhead, Mindtree – The CTO group, Striim, Alation, Xola, Votercircle, Quintype, and Sirpi on board, you can’t go off course.

So get cracking because great companies love great code.

The submission deadline is 30th April, 2018, and the clock’s ticking. Can you code before time runs out?

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