Awesome companies on GeekTrust

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Awesome companies on Geektrust

There are lots of companies out there doing really interesting work that don’t get the attention they deserve. GeekTrust finds them and connects them with good developers. We analyse every single company that wants to work with us & if they’re in Bangalore, we go meet them. Meeting a company gives us our best sense of whether we want to on-board them onto GeekTrust or not. All of us at GeekTrust are technologists and if the work excites us, we on-board the company. We also do a check on whether the company can pay market rates, whether they seem stable enough, how empowered are developers likely to be etc..

We did have the option to go behind every company that wanted to work with us and take their money. But we chose not to. Because we want to ensure that all developers on GeekTrust meet curated, validated opportunities. Only.

And from March 2016, we’re showcasing 2 companies at a time as GeekTrust Awesome Companies. These companies didn’t pay us anything to be showcased. We found them awesome and we featured them. No company can be a GeekTrust Awesome Company by paying us money. We just don’t work that way. We have a set of parameters we look at and based on how the company does against the parameters, we invite them to be featured as an awesome company.

So go-ahead and connect with our awesome companies. All the best!

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