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What if you could know which companies out there are doing interesting work & which ones would be interested in hiring you? What if you could know your job options without entering the job market?

That’s what GeekTrust allows you to do! We help you stay job aware. We bring a brand new way to help you have a great career.

GeekTrust curates job opportunities & helps you stay aware of your job options, tells you who is potentially interested in hiring you, and when you decide to change jobs, allows you to connect directly with key decision makers easily.

All this with 0 commitment from your end to change jobs – companies will not get to see your name or contact details. So you can understand your standing in the job market without really entering the job market.

We are able to do this because we, and companies we work with, believe that as a software developer, your code is your signature. Where you studied, where you work today, how many years of experience you have is all secondary to your coding skills. All companies we work with at GeekTrust will tell if they’d be interested in hiring you by just seeing the quality of your code.

From an opportunities perspective, we find and curate companies so that you get to see only interesting, stable companies. We personally meet every company and we have a bunch of parameters we look at before on-boarding them. Quality of work and stability are two of the important factors we consider.

So if you’re ready to move away from the regular job hunting process, and want to be empowered and stay aware of your options throughout your career – sign up, write code, be a GeekTrust member.

And yes, GeekTrust is free for developers to use. Click the links below to take GeekTrust for a spin!

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