No one likes to take interviews.

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Let me rephrase the heading a bit – no one likes to keep taking interviews, and no one likes interviews when you keep meeting candidates that are not a match.

Imagine you’re a mid-sized services company (1500 people) and looking to grow at 20% next year. Assuming attrition of 15%, you’ll need to hire 500 people to hit 20% growth.

With a 4-to-1 interview-to-offer ratio and factoring in 25% of candidates declining offers or dropping off, you need to conduct close to 4800 interviews. Even if you have 1500 people in your company, there’s probably a small section of folks who run interviews. And it’s no surprise that these folks are the same ones who are critical to project delivery as well :).

So imagine the strain on the tech team. It’s no wonder no one likes to take interviews. It’s exhausting!

This is the problem we’re looking to solve with our AI interview agent.

We have a lot of experience helping companies hire candidates based on skill in a fair and unbiased manner. In the past, we built the world’s first AI code assessment platform that evaluates the ability to write clean code.

Now we’re ready with a fully customizable AI interviewer that can run first-round tech interviews. With AI running first-round interviews, tech panelists will now only meet quality, matching candidates. Moreover, the number of interviews tech teams need to conduct will reduce by 70%. Instead of the 4800 interviews (in the example above), the company will need to conduct only around 1000 interviews.

You can see more about our AI agents here ->

If you’re interested in a free pilot or just want a demo, do let us know –

P.S. – I get asked how AI handles bias, what is candidate feedback on AI, what are the drawbacks, etc. I’ll be writing more about this later, but for now, take a look here to see the overall direction we’re taking with AI and recruitment.


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