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We meet a lot of companies here at Geektrust to help them hire. One common feedback we hear is, “the candidate was good, but a few things were missing, and therefore we don’t want to take a chance and hire”.

Everyone is waiting for that mythical hire, the famed 10x engineer who writes code with his left hand while standing in the BMTC bus, pushes releases to production with his right, blogs with his little toe, and will change the direction of the company forever.

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During the interview process, it is not possible to accurately predict how someone will perform at their job. So you’ve probably missed multiple 10x engineers. 100x, even. Putting aside my exaggeration, reality is that you just need developers who are good at their craft, looking to learn, and have the right attitude. This should not be super hard. But somehow it seems to be.

At Geektrust, we are trying to help companies hire better and faster by reducing the unknowns in hiring. Filtering candidates by looking at the quality of their code, and giving companies access to their code are a part of the process.

In a similar vein, we are now coming up with a new way to reduce further risk by providing training to the candidates that get hired through Geektrust.  The training will focus on writing clean code. The idea is that companies can make more hires with the cushion of Geektrust training backing your hiring decision.

And so that we don’t burn a hole in your pocket with training + hiring charges, we are writing off the hiring cost for companies, and will charge companies only for the training. In fact, we will go one step further with you, and charge you only 50% upfront, and the rest after the candidate has spent 3 months at your company. So you pay 0 fee for hiring, and only pay for the training.

In the training, we focus on how to write high quality code that is readable, maintainable, follows good object modelling, how to get your CI/CD in place etc. The training is done through a combination of hands-on sessions, and a project simulation. It is for 3 weeks and will be in Java. You can see the full training curriculum here. The training will be run by hands-on practitioners who’ve worked at the best companies, and many of them have run startups of their own as well.

We have a batch starting on April 20th, and we’re opening up slots now. To help you hire for this, we have a hiring drive planned for Feb 29th. If you’re interested in participating or just want to know more, mail us at hire@geektrust.in.


  1. This is really good initiative especially given the “expectations”, mostly unspoken, that are there from interviewers regarding interviewee’s experience & expertise (again mostly perceived) and how well that can be demonstrated in “decisive” hours of interview.
    Is it open for working professionals as well? How is it structured? Is it full time for 3 weeks or can be done remotely?
    It would be good if such (and more such) information can be provided.
    Again, kudos to GT!

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