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There is just so much happening right now in the Indian tech industry. I’ve been in this industry for 15 years, but never has it felt so alive as it does today. (Read: Why I left ThoughtWorks and started up)

Today, the amount of awesome work happening in Namma Bengaluru is incredible. Super-apps are getting built, AI is stepping into customer service, financial inclusion in rural India is becoming a reality, farming is getting revolutionised with technology, dev tools for blockchain are getting shaped, and so much more!

This is our time. Our kids will look back at this age as the golden age of Indian tech. When Indian companies stood up and made world-class products, with Bengaluru leading the way. Decades of doing outsourced tech work has given us the skills and the experience to now do it on our own, for India, and for the world.

At Geektrust, we’re doing our small part in making this happen.

Team Geektrust: Shaping the future of tech, one developer at a time

I find a lot of developers I meet not happy at their work. Happy is probably the wrong word. Happiness is fickle. I guess I find them dissatisfied. Everyone, and I mean everyone, ultimately wants to do something that makes an impact, and gives them a sense of purpose. We spend a majority of our waking hours at work. Don’t we deserve the opportunity to work on things that add meaning to our life? Should work and life be separated such that work becomes an unfeeling, unrewarding (except for monetary) facet of our lives?

Not anymore.

There is no reason to be one among the thousands at a company. There is no need to build software without knowing how it will impact your users. There is no reason to be another brick in the wall. Your time has come. You are made for bigger things. Come join the Indian tech revolution.

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