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A developer is not just someone who builds software but also folks who are good at keeping the lights on and fixing it when things go down. Meet John, in our first DevOps Engineer story.

DevStory - John Zacharia

When did you start coding and what part about being in tech gives you the most “kick”?

I studied computer science for my college and before I finished my graduation, joined Ruby 7 Studios to develop games. Though I started as a developer I found out I’m better at fixing things so I switched to DevOps.

What technologies are you a fan of and what do you dislike?

I’m a fan of new DevOps solutions like Containers and Docker. I use Hashicorp’s tools like Surf and Consul.

Most interesting tech challenge you’ve faced so far?

Building up a service discovery layer without adding additional hardware was a good challenge I got to solve.  Some tools and processes require a lot more hardware so you have to take into consideration a lot of factors and find the right solution.

If you could give your younger self some tech advice what would it be?

Go deeper into concepts and develop your own solutions instead of relying on ready-made tools. This helps you work more efficiently and adapt faster to change. Being reliant on tools is highly constraining for growth.

Startups or enterprises? And why?

Startups definitely, because it’s not the standard problems and approach to solutions. Makes you enough to think about. Which is the fun part. There are constraints of being a startup. That adds to the challenge. Also startups are more fun, the culture is freer, there are lots of learning opportunities.

Thoughts on the Indian tech scene?

There has been a practice of learning tools and doing the job with it. Tools are great because they make life easy. We need to find a balance between getting a deep understanding of the concepts and using tools creatively, if we want technology to really get as advanced as we like to believe it is.

Other interests

Reading, newer technologies in DevOps, find efficient ways to do things.

About your Geektrust experience

The coding challenges are effective and when I’m interviewing people, the Geektrust evaluation helps filter people according to what we are looking for, and the burden is reduced. It’s a good idea.

About Geektrust

Geektrust is a platform for technologists to find interesting opportunities. We meet inspiring people and companies in our work, and we see some great code written by our users. So we started the Dev Stories blog post series recently, to bring stories of different developers to the world. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as we love writing them.

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  1. I worked with docker container and kubernetes but I get confused to use all this in production. What should be robust setup of CICD
    If you any information please post link or mail me

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