Do you know what Zomato is cooking?

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You use them to get restaurant ratings.
You use them to order.
Now they want you to code for them.

Here’s the abridged version

Zomato is setting up a development centre in Bangalore and they’re looking for passionate developers to join their team.

The hiring event is on December 8th and will be curated by Geektrust.

That’s all you need to know if you want to be a part of the event. You can now go back to scrolling through your social media feed and watching cat videos.

Here’s the extended version

If you’re a passionate developer and want to know what Zomato has to offer and what role you can play, read on.

Zomato has been in existence since 2008. It consistently gained popularity as a trusted restaurant search and rating platform. In 2015, it started its food delivery business, that has now grown to serve over 21 million customers every month. This translates to approximately 600-700K orders a day, with occasional spikes going over a million a day.

And this is where you, the developer, comes in.

Scaling up operations to flawlessly process orders riight up to the point of delivery, handling huge numbers, spikes, peak hours etc. is the challenge Zomato is working on solving now.

Of course, you may have a few questions.

What kind of developer is Zomato looking for?

Passionate. Eager to learn and contribute. People who can take charge, learn from failures and pick themselves up and try again tomorrow. We are looking for attitude as much as aptitude. If we hired based on CVs, we would not have organized an event. But we care deeply about the kind of people we hire. We like people who ask questions and are relentlessly thinking of ways to improve the product. We like people who tinker, who think about how what they’re doing affects the product and who are constantly seeking inspiration from all sources in a bid to make the product better.

Will I get a fat-paycheck plus bonuses plus a flat plus a car plus stock options?

You will be paid on par, if not more. But if you’re here only for the money, think twice before applying.

I am curious about the culture. Can you tell me more about it?

Like most start-ups, we believe in a flat structure where everyone has equal opportunity. Where we differ from others is this rush to get a product into a market. Too often, start-ups rush to get a feature or product into the market, only to realize it could have been bettered if they had only spent a little more time on it. This rush leads to a culture that is always on the edge, which may be exciting for sometime but not sustainable in the long run. Moreover, when millions of customers are going to be affected by what we do, it pays not to jump headlong into something, hoping to fix it later. This doesn’t mean endless waiting. It means tempering experimentation and pace with a little bit of caution.

‘At Zomato, many of us have been a part of setting up start-ups. This has given us an idea of how to create a better culture and more importantly, what doesn’t work. Skills are important but attitude is the make or break when it comes to hiring and creating a sustainable work-culture. So that’s what we are looking for – attitude + skills, in that order.’
– Abubacker Siddique, Sr. Engineering Manager, Zomato

I have an offer from a corporate with 20,000 people. Why shouldn’t I take that?

We don’t believe in dissing competition as everyone starts with an aim to make it big. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t fundamental differences in what you will experience in a giant corporate as opposed to a place like Zomato.

In a corporate, you end up being a cog in the wheel. You will need to fit into a culture that already exists. In a place like Zomato, you have the chance to create a new culture with like-minded people. A smaller team also means more responsibility and quicker learning.

Who decides if I am good enough for Zomato

Geektrust connects software developers with companies. They are one of the best in the business and will be curating this event. What you need to do is solve a coding challenge and if you get a nod from the hard-to-please folks at Geektrust, you’re in.

‘Zomato, though considered a start-up, has all the benefits of a mature company. It has shown sustained levels of success in the past 10 years and we are glad to assist them as they’re poised to grow even bigger
and better. So we’re not looking for CVs, work experience and trophies on the wall. All we’re seeking is competence, good attitude and an interest in solving tech problems at scale. If you’re interested, register and show us your coding chops.’
 – Krishnan, Founder and CEO, Geektrust

Ok. I’m convinced. What next?

You can register here for the event –


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