Would you use code to shortlist candidates instead of just resumes? Here’s an experiment — participate if you’re looking to hire techies.

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Would you use code to shortlist your candidates?
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As someone looking to hire techies, how often do you see a resume, and go “this looks like a great fit!”, and then during the interview, you realize the claimed coding skills and actual skills are far apart?

And as someone looking to get hired, how often do you get rejected with reasons like “not shortlisted”, “not from a computer science background”, “not from a premier institution”, “not enough hands-on experience”, “not from a product company” etc.. without even having talked to you?

What happens behind the scenes is, a job seeker who is a great fit ends up being rejected because random filters that are used to keep out “bad” candidates filter out potentially great matching candidates as well.

On top of this, all sorts of cognitive biases come into play when looking at resumes.

This results in a bizarre situation where employers claim it’s a job seekers market and they’re unable to hire. While at the same time, passing on potentially great candidates due to blind spots in their filtering process!

Imagine if you could see the code of a candidate and decide to shortlist based on that? You see their object modelling skills, check readability of their code, their usage of language capabilities etc.. and then decide to interview the candidate. Shortlist based on skill and not based on resumes alone?

Resumes are important and give you good indication of what experiences the candidate has had. But is a poor indication of what skills they have.

So here’s the experiment we are trying out at Geektrust — below are 6 potential candidates whose details are hidden and only code is available. We’ve already reviewed the code to make sure only good profiles are shown here (you can see our coding problems here).

To participate in this experiment:

  1. Download the codes below. We’ve put up just 6 for this experiment.
  2. Review the code and if you would like to call the developers who wrote the code for an interview, let us know your company details (fill form below).
  3. We will then share your details with the candidate and check whether they’re interested in your company.
  4. If they’re interested too, we’ll share their complete profile with you and onboard you on Geektrust. You can then move to interview stage with these techies.

The idea is to come up with better ways to find the right folks for the right company. And to reduce biases & unnecessary filters.

This is/should be the new way. Let’s try it out?

Click here to download coding solutions
Click here to download coding solutions

You will be asked to provide your email address so that we can give you access to the Google drive where the code is stored.

Once you review the code and would like to shortlist the candidates, use this form to get in touch with us.

If you’re wondering who we are and what we’re about, you can check us out here → Who are we?

Have questions? Mail us — help@geektrust.in

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