The Geektrust Startup Crawl Diary #1

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The Startup Crawl was off to a good start on Jan 21st 2017. 

When we announced the event, we had more than 60 people who signed up for 20 slots available!  Everyone we met said most people won’t turn up on the day, and don’t expect 20 people to show up. Needless to say, the 7 of us at Geektrust were very excited to get a good response from both companies and software engineers, and had made all preps and arrangements to give everybody a good experience. 

Sneha giving the final touches to the Startup Crawl preparations
Sneha giving the final touches to the Startup Crawl preparations

So on 21st January, we started our day at Sahaj Software, ready to welcome everyone and anxious about whether people would actually make it at 10 on a Saturday. To our delight, the people who had signed up and confirmed were serious about their interest in startups.

Sneha and Clair at the welcome desk, waiting for participants to turn up.
Sneha and Clair at the welcome desk, waiting for participants to turn up. Quote from a participant.

Finally we had 26 techies and 1 academic from London participating in the Startup Crawl. They got to visit and interact with 3 startups – Sahaj Software, a premium tech advisory firm, Quintype, a company that’s building the technology to move digital publishing out of the dark ages, and  finally, Rang De, an award-winning technology-driven NGO that’s working on knocking out poverty!!! Impressive, isn’t it?

That’s exactly what our co-founder Krishnan kicked the event off with – there are companies doing inspiring work in the Bangalore startup scene. Who wouldn’t want to work with companies that want to build things, shape future technology or change the world?

The aim of the Startup Crawl was to present such impressive startups to techies. The day of the event saw interactive sessions and interesting discussions going on between the participants and the founders and the tech team of companies. “Interesting”, “awesome experience” and “‘good tech discussions with people solving real issues”, were some of the feedback we got from participants. The companies gave insightful talks about themselves, their style of work, tech stacks and the role of technology in their organisation. The interactive sessions went so great, even we wished there was more time and avenues for the participants to talk to each other and the companies.

A big thank you to everyone for their feedback, and more than that, their participation. What we wanted to do was start a platform for great tech companies to meet great techies and your support tells us we are moving ahead.

Here are highlights of the event in pictures and a few quotes – some from the founders and some from the encouraging feedback we got!

The feedback we got was simply superb and we believe we helped open up a discussion channel between great companies and techies who are the right fit for them. We plan to organise our next Startup Crawl in the coming months with our learnings from this one, and further the reach of our idea of helping techies stay job aware!

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