The Geektrust Startup Crawl

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The Geektrust Startup Crawl
The Startup Crawl aims to show good developers what good startups are all about.

“What’s a startup like? What’s it like to work there? How different is it from the work environment I currently have? Is it stable? Who are the senior leaders? Are they capable of scaling up? Will the work stress me out? Are they all workaholics and will they expect me to be one?” There is no end to the number of “startup questions” we get asked regularly.

As a curator of interesting tech opportunities, we ensure the companies on Geektrust are stable, have practically scalable ideas and the culture is something we ourselves would love to be a part of. But people are so curious about startups, they want to know more details. The opportunity presented by startups is lucrative – you get to build something new, learn, grow, make impact, or, like our co-founder Dhanush says, show someone what you built and say “Hey, I built that stuff”. The “dangers” are also very real. It could be a totally stressed out work environment, or not so inspiring founders, and other fine detail that can’t be figured out in an interview.

We thought, what if we showcased some good startups –  the work they do, their people, their culture and their founders – to the people who are curious about them? We spoke to a few startups and developers about the idea and their response was hugely positive. The only problem was, since we can’t physically take startups to techies, we’d have to take techies to the startups instead.

The Geektrust Startup Crawl is an event conceived with the aim of showing good techies what good startups are all about. It’s for techies who want to experience the buzz of the startup world. And for those awesome startups that can handle the prying eyes ad questions of the curious developer. There is no pressure on either side – on a developer to change jobs or on a company to hire.

In the first edition of the Startup Crawl, Bangalore techies are signing up to visit 3 of Bangalore’s startups Quintype, Rang De and Sahaj. The event is on January 21st. Techies who are interested can see more details and register at We look forward to this opening up a steady dialogue between startups and techies, and curious about the possibilities that will open up for the industry.

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