Bangalore is booming! What are YOU upto? Introducing the geektrust ‘Let’s Talk’ series

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Over the last few months working on geektrust, I’ve had the good fortune of talking to atleast  30 startups in Bangalore. And it’s been amazing to hear their stories – of luck (good and bad), the sweat & the tears, & the courage many of these founders have shown to get where they are. It’s been equally amazing to hear the sort of ideas/products that they are bringing to market.

Which has brought me to a very clear realisation. The Indian tech scene is changing drastically. We are no longer the cost reduction centre of the IT world. We are no longer the place to get mundane work done cheaply. We are building world class products from India. And we are building service companies that provide real innovation to our customers. This is the future of Indian IT.

My question to you is – Do you feel you’re a part of this change?

GeekTrust is starting the ‘Let’s talk’ series where we meet technologists in Bangalore who’d like to know more about the Indian startup scene and hear about opportunities that may interest them. These will be one-on-one or in small groups.

Send a mail to with the subject: ‘let’s talk’ and I’ll get back to you. You don’t need to be looking out for a job. You don’t need to be a developer. As long as the Indian software scene interests you, Let’s Talk.

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