Hire trained grad developers. Zero hiring fee.

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I passed out of college in 2001. That was the year the dotcom bubble burst. I had a campus offer but joining was delayed indefinitely. Today’s graduates are in a similar situation, and we at Geektrust are going to help in our small way.

We have now started an offering for fresher hiring through Geektrust. However, these are not your regular graduates. These grad developers are going through a product development training by Crio.do (founded by ex-Google and Flipkart folks). These developers will finish their training soon and are available for interviews right now. See more details on the training hereThere will be zero hiring fee to companies hiring from this pool, till July 31st 2020.

Cred, Vogo, Jumbotail, Playment, Urbanladder – these are just some of the companies that have hired Crio.do trained graduate developers in the past.

All these grad developers have campus offers but they’re looking for better and more interesting opportunities. If you think you can offer that, do write in to us at freshers@geektrust.in and we’ll connect you with these Super Freshers.

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