Code With Geektrust – June hiring event: 1 killer code, 5 killer companies.

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For the longest time I’ve held the belief that there are great tech companies getting built in India. Ever since we started Geektrust 4 years ago, we’ve been on the lookout for these companies, and now I feel that the bubble that was created by many fly-by-night tech businesses has come down, and the real Slim Shady’s are standing up :).

In our ‘Code With Geektrust’ event for this month, I’m super excited about all the companies participating. From leading FinTech platforms to startups building dev tools to furniture-rental products, there are amazing companies here. They are stable, revenue generating, well-funded and have validated ideas they are building on.

However the challenge of inefficiencies in recruitment continue to haunt us. As I wrote recently, the average time to just shortlist a candidate was 10 days! And then the rigmarole of writing coding challenges, reviewing them, scheduling multiple interviews etc. start and never seem to end.

We’ve been experimenting with multiple ways to solve for this. One outcome that has proved successful is the Code With Geektrust series. We’ve had 20+ offers go out through the last 2 times we ran this. The idea is pretty simple – prove your skills by solving one Geektrust coding challenge (I must warn you its not easy but hey, when did that stop a good dev!), by-pass coding challenges at all these companies and get fast-tracked to the interview and offer stages.

If you’re a backend developer, you need to solve our Family coding problem and fronend developers need to solve the Space problem is what frontend devs need to do. The companies on Geektrust value our code evaluation and if we’ve looked at your code, they consider it good enough for them. We’re lucky to have their trust.

Take a look at the companies participating in June.

  • Scripbox: A radical new approach to personal investing, that’s now one of India’s most trusted and fastest growing investment platforms
  • Capillary: Analytics-driven omni-channel marketing solutions for retailers, powering over 800 retail brands across the world
  • Squadcast: A developer platform built to help tech teams minimize unplanned downtime and improve system reliability with better incident orchestration & alert management
  • CasaOne: A San Francisco-based, contemporary furniture rental company that’s reimagining a fragmented, old-school industry
  • Pramata: A first and only commercial relationship platform that helps companies identify and resolve specific sources of revenue leakage

Each one more interesting and with more challenging work on offer than the next.

Go ahead and check out all the details on the Code With Geektrust page, and register. All the best!

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