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Anamika hasn’t graduated college yet. She’s in her final year and has been working for the past 9 months, currently at Voiro. Here is more about this young, ambitious developer.

Dev Story - Anamika Awasthi
Anamika, Software Developer, College Student and Health Freak

Getting into programming and what gives her a ‘kick’

I chose computer science for my graduation studies because I was keen about learning it and it came to me quite naturally. I was good at it. I found out I can set my mind upon something and solve a problem so that was something I loved.

In school, I took on a project of building a game – I wanted to develop something like Tetris – without using graphics and building it using basic C++ functions. It’s something that got my interest completely. I realized Tetris looks and feels really simple on the outside but what goes on inside is really complex and that’s what makes it simple. For me it was a big project. In 2011, the internet was not very helpful but I finished the project. It was difficult at that time. But we all ended up playing with it in school. That was satisfying.

Tech she likes and dislikes

Programming has 3 parts – front end, back end and ops. I don’t NOT like anything. I’d say there are tools I get and tools I don’t get as well. I am not good at designing so I’m not keen to do front end development.

I like Python. It’s light – like with lego blocks in hand you can and whip up/build anything quickly once you figure out how to build it (the logic). Some languages like Java are clunky and don’t have this agility – you have to pay attention to the syntax and getting it right, more than the logic.

Interesting tech challenge

I got a unique opportunity once with the incubation cell of the Research Park at IIT Madras. The work was in robotics – to build a robotic hand that will mirror the actions of anyone wearing a paired glove with sensors attached to it. This is already being used or developed for medical and other applications. The real challenge was powering the gloves enough to get the signals through seamlessly and fast, without using a DC button. I found out and learnt all about signal programming and made it happen. This was one of the toughest challenges I  have encountered so far.

Some learnings and takeaways

When we are in college, people are always scaring you with various dangers and warnings! They say if you don’t get through campus placement you’re done. Or if your first job is not in a Microsoft you’re done. I say this is not true. Those were in the old days. Things are different now with startups and companies where you get to be a part of something new.

How I got my job is: I applied to 48 companies, some through Geektrust. Big companies do constant hiring but follow a waterfall model. Most of the time they don’t bother to respond to your application.

People are scared of startups but it needs you to put some effort too. I found out how I got my previous job – it was because most of the applicants dropped out when they were given a task to complete. I got back and said I don’t know yet how to solve this task, asked for 2 extra days and got it done.

So one, campus placement is not the end all of it. Look for great opportunities outside of your college too.

Two, you need to put some effort to find what you want. If you see something you want, make sure you do the work to get it.

Startups or enterprises?

My sole experience is at startups. But from my understanding at corporates the actual work is shielded from me – I don’t get to see or believe in what I’m developing as a whole.

At a startup you see what’s happening around you and you are all working towards the same goal. Right now I am doing something where I am shaping the product. That’s a big role and I am a part of the big picture.

I love the culture at Voiro. The CEO has lunch with us every day and I learn directly from the founders who are the people who thought of the product in the first place.

About the Indian tech scene

I think it’s moving in a very good direction. Three of my classmates started up on their own. It’s amazing that we can do this today. In India, this opportunity has been in existence for some time; it was there 4 years ago when I started college. Previously where only working at Microsoft had the brand value, that brand value now tips more in favour of startups. You get to do really cool work!

Her experience with Geektrust

I had a great experience overall as it might be apparent from our interaction. I’ve actually recommended it to all of my friends who are job hunting. I find your platform to be a lot more succinct than other popular job hunting websites and the follow up network from your team is very admirable.

About Geektrust

Geektrust is a platform for technologists to find interesting opportunities. We meet inspiring people and companies in our work, and we see some great code written by our users. So we started the Dev Stories blog post series recently, to bring stories of different developers to the world. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as we love writing them.

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