Senior devs from Flipkart, ThoughtWorks, Motorola have solved Geektrust challenges to find jobs.

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Getting started

Geektrust coding challenges are not a filtering mechanism to screen the “wheat from the chaff”. Our coding challenges are intended for you to showcase your coding chops. We work with companies that value good coders and are looking to hire people who are hands-on and can write good, clean code. This, however, does not come through in your resume.

Resumes are a great indication of your past experiences, not of your expertise.

And this is the problem Geektrust is trying to solve. Pick any coding challenge from our list and solve it. We believe that your code is your resume and each individual’s coding traits come through when you solve a Geektrust coding challenge. We’ve designed our coding challenges in a manner that can showcase your skills well. It’s not just about getting the input and output correct, it’s about how you solve the challenge that matters. We spend time manually evaluating your code and giving you feedback on it as well.

Senior developers from Flipkart, ThoughtWorks, Motorola, Portea etc.. have solved a Geektrust coding challenge to find jobs.

Our intent is to help senior devs find interesting jobs with companies that value the craft of writing software. The companies we work with come to us for lateral, senior level hiring.

Like architects win new work by showcasing the quality of their work, we believe developers should be able to showcase the quality of their code in order to find their next job. There are so many of us who can write great code but struggle to articulate our strengths.

If you’d like your code to find you the best opportunities, solve a coding challenge now.

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