Hire good developers based on their real world skills. Now is the time!

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This happened a few months ago. I met a client who was looking to hire senior software developers with 5+ years of experience. Her requirement – candidates should’ve passed out from a good college! My immediate question to her was this – even though they’ve worked for 5 years, you want to judge developer candidates based on how they did on a test 10 years ago?  And more importantly, you want to ignore those who did not do well in an entrance exam years ago, but might be very good developers now?

She was caught a bit off guard by this and resorted to the usual response of how will you identify them otherwise? Which gave me the perfect opening to talk about what Geektrust does.

I used to head software delivery for ThoughtWorks, and I know that the best way to find good candidates is by looking at their real-world coding skills. And at Geektrust, that’s what we do – help companies hire developers based on their actual coding skills.

We have extensive coding tests that take 2-3 days to complete for developers, and we look for things that matter in the real world. Unlike other platforms where the coding tests focus on just getting the output right, we look for how “clean” their code is. Have they modelled their objects well? Have they written code that is readable? Is their code unit-tested etc.

We are constantly engaging with candidates in the market, and have a pool of vetted candidates for companies to hire from – those who have solved a complex coding challenge, and cleared our manual code evaluation.

There is no platform in the world that helps companies hire based on real world coding skills. Hiring is hard across the world because companies still look for proxies in the resume – where did someone study, where are they working now, etc. And in some cases, companies send a test, many times a multiple choice questionnaire which actually filters out good candidates as well!

It’s time to stop beating around the bush. Identify developers based on real world skill. There is so much good tech talent in India that goes unidentified because they didn’t do well in an entrance exam years ago. If it weren’t so sad, it’d be quite funny.

Software development is a skill that can be picked up given the right attitude and the right mentor. With that insight, we started Geektrust, and over the last few years, over 300 developers have found jobs with companies like ThoughtWorks, Gojek, Zomato etc. These were not developers from the best colleges or from “premium” product companies but they all write good code, and we were able to spot that.

COVID-19 has badly impacted companies and employees across the world, but for companies that are actively hiring, this is a great time to do it. A lot of good talent is now looking for jobs due to no fault of theirs. So the talent pool has suddenly increased and this pool is actively looking for good opportunities. You get to pick and choose the best talent out there. Here’s where we come in –  Geektrust can help companies with a pool of code-vetted candidates who are a match for them.

Since these are vetted candidates, the time that the recruitment and tech team spends per open position reduces significantly. A company with good hiring standards tends to interview 10-15 candidates to find the right candidate. Whereas with Geektrust, 1 in 3 candidates get an offer. And all this is made possible through our online platform where companies can see candidates’ code, resume, salary expectation, Github profile and all other important information. We also provide interview and candidate support through our operations team for any help you may need.

If this is of interest to you, do write in – hire@geektrust.in


    1. Thats your cue to stay away from such companies, the snobbier their hiring tactic the snobbier they are in my experience. You dont want to work at such a place.

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