How we curate companies — we’ve met 150+ startups over the last 2 years

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GT company curation

When we started out with Geektrust, we wanted to build a curated recruitment platform. Not just curated on the candidate side, but also curated on the company side, so that developers can trust that Geektrust has assessed the companies before getting them on-board.

In this regard we’ve met 150 odd companies in the last 2 years. As much as we can, we meet them at their office, make sure we meet the tech team, and wherever possible meet the CEO or the CTO or the Head of Engineering.

What we look for in our curation process:

  1. Is tech core to what they do?
  2. Will they value good technologists?
  3. Will techies be interesting in working there?
  4. How stable are they? Are they funded? Are they revenue generating?

Typically we tend to work with mature startups, product companies and the niche divisions at some select services companies. When we meet them we try to understand why working at the company would appeal to a developer. And we try to portray that in our company information. You can take a look at some samples here → Quintype, Infratab, Sahaj.

From cafes in Koramangala and Indira Nagar to houses in Banashankari to large tech parks in SEZs to middle of the city business towers, we’ve been to them all. Interestingly while the multi-million dollar funded MG road startup has shut down, the startup in the house is thriving and has moved to a larger office space now, and is hiring more technologists!

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