Sit on your ass

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It’s the best way to code!

Sit on your ass
And write a little something;
Write a piece of code
Or a song for the road.

Sit on your ass,
Sit on it anywhere –
A horse, a couch,
Or a lazy ass slouch,
But write code,
Turn on your genius mode,
For the love of Java,
Syntax and what have ya,
‘Coz solving it once
Is all you gotta do,
To impress them, guns
Blazing without much ado.

Are you the one,
The one with the code?
Or the zero,
With the unsolved download?

At Geektrust, we believe as a developer your code is your resume. And you should be able to write code anywhere, anytime and find a great job. As we were talking about being able to find a job sitting in a couch, this poem just sort of came up – Sit on your ass and write code from anywhere.

Our coding problems are set in the distant planet of Lengaburu where they play cricket, have traffic problems (just like us) and┬átheir king sometimes needs to fight a space battle with the neighbouring planets. So you’ll have fun solving them.

It’s an afternoon’s work. A small investment to showcase your skill to startups and product companies looking to hire through Geektrust and get preferred by them. Saves you a whole lot of time going through rounds of interviews, face to face and code pairing. So set aside a few hours, sit down in your coding chair, put on your coding hat and get cracking!


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